Manny Treivish In your corner

Supporting your financial goals. Using Mortgage products. My vast network of trusted professionals, and good old sound advice.

I have always believed that owning a home makes a big difference in people’s lives. Coming to Canada from a different country, I found myself in B.C. It is truly the best place on earth.

 Shortly after buying my first home, I realized the potential of the local market. As such, I have started investing in real estate.

Helping people is very important to me, and I have found that with my newly acquired knowledge and skills, I can help people build equity, leverage it and achieve wealth, and financial stability.

My past experience in helping individuals and families in some of their most challenging times has taught me a lot about the unique needs and circumstances we all have. I am here to help people overcome their fears and challenges and to reach their hopes and dreams.

I am confident that with my experience, standards, integrity, and hard work, I will be able to support my network and help people grow. My commitment is to always have your best interests at heart. My Method is a straightforward, head-on approach. 

“Closing a deal” will never be my ultimate goal. Your needs will always come first. I believe that the only way to elevate ourselves in life is by elevating others.

Team builder 

With Mortgages Lab growing and expanding its reach, I have been building a team with the goal of supporting young brokers and helping them thrive.

I use tools and concepts from the coach approach, helping clients, investors, and business owners reach their goals.

Several companies have retained my services as a consultant on an ongoing basis. I am happy to explore the possibilities of collaborating with other organizations, to see if I can add value to your company or business. 

Manny is an Investor and a Mortgage Broker.

coming soon!! Working toward Rental apartments syndication. Lookout for our gradual unveiling.

Some of the networks we align with

VIP Vancouver independent professionals

some of the Organizations I am passionate about.

To Donate to the Langley Foodbank Please Click here.

A regular permanent donation will go a long way as it allows the foodbank to budget and plan based on a regular and consistent income.

From my keyboard to yours

There are way more experienced professionals out there – guaranteed. But they don’t always share and invest their time in others. I will share my ideas and experience here with you. 

I believe that encouraging and supporting others is the only way to grow and evolve.

Charity starts at home.

Charity and supporting causes in your own community is an essential aspects of building a strong and thriving society. Not only does it help those